Hi, I am Jessica Bachmann.

Details you might want to know...

I grew up on a farm in Mars, Pennsylvania. We had sheep, horses, chickens and even llamas.  I graduated from Muskingum College in Ohio. I am one of five children, so I know how to play nice and be polite. 

I spent the last 20 years in New Orleans, and I recently moved back to Pennsylvania to be closer to my family. I travel back and forth to New Orleans often to photograph weddings, events and continue taking family, child, senior, debutante and head shot portraits while I am there. I'm a single mom to a wonderful little girl that is growing up too quickly. She keeps me busy and focused on being the best that I can be in order to set a good example for her. I enjoy spending time with her reading, playing, doing artwork, singing, having dance parties and playing at the playground. 

I love running, being active, listening to all types of music and reading great works of fiction (be it in a book, blog, or magazine...whatever the medium as long as it makes me think or entertains me)!  My favorite foods are frozen yogurt and/or chocolate.  I also have an addiction to bubble gum...I try to keep it sugar free, but if I pass a gumball machine I rarely can control myself...I had a roommate in college that told me she wished she had the money I wasted in gumball machines.

I am a member of the Professional Photographer's Association, and I strive daily to recreate my work in order to make sure that no two images are ever the same. It is a privilege to participate in your life's little and BIG moments. THANK YOU for letting me capture them with my camera!

OK...now it's my turn to learn more about you. I can't wait to meet you and learn more about you and your loved ones during your session or event!

Jessica Bachmann



“Jessica is outstanding! She does everything from portrait work to parties of 1,000 - doing it all with grace and professionalism. I have recommended her to so many thus further giving my stamp of approval. Her fees are reasonable too and just works hard and it is as if she is not even there!!”

—Elly Lane

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