August 22, 2022

Branding Photography - My recommendations on how to make them successful

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Getting the parent involved is often key when using child models. Having mom standing directly behind me singing and showing the baby a favorite toy can make a huge difference. Scroll down to see the results.

How the "magic" happens!

Recently, I completed the course and certification program for Meta Social Media Marketing. It was a great way to learn more about the field and what is needed to be more successful in social media platforms. I also found it helpful because I have expanded into the field of branding and content photography for local businesses. While doing a recent photo shoot for Emajen Designs (, I realized that tips on how to make the shoot successful would be helpful for new clients.

Getting beautiful images to use for your business's marketing, advertising and social media content is an important part of building and branding your business. Here are my tips on how to make the photo shoot successful.

  1. Although many people try to accomplish this in house with cell phones, I highly recommend hiring a professional that has experience with this type of work and is focused entirely on getting great images for your business needs.
  2. Be prepared - I'll communicate with you prior to the photo shoot to make sure we accomplish your goals. We will discuss what types of shots you need, the "look and feel" of the images, how many models to use, what to have on hand the day of the shoot, and we will compose a "shot list" as well as inspiration board to make sure we have a plan in place prior to the day of the photo shoot.
  3. Set up the space - prior to the shoot make sure to prepare the space. If it is a storefront or service company, we can schedule a time that doesn't conflict with your business hours of operation. The space should be "camera ready" before the shoot is scheduled to begin so that you do not waste shooting time cleaning and organizing the background. I will be sure to look for distractions when we have the shot set up, but it helps to have the space at its best prior to starting. If we are doing product shots, make sure the are on hand and in stock and ready to be photographed.
  4. Children - if kids are involved in the photos you need to be extra prepared and plan to make it fun for them. Ask the parents to bring their favorite snacks and a drink. I used to bring my own, but it is safer to have the parents bring them due to allergies and they know the child's preferences. Adding props is a great way to get the kids to relax and have fun with the process. Finally, ask the parents to be photo ready in case they are needed to hop into some of the photos.
  5. I always recommend for the business owner to be camera ready even if the shoot is mainly for products or with models. Since you already have a photographer on hand, getting some Behind the Scenes images of you interacting with the models or setting up the products are great to have on hand for your social media content.

Following the above tips is sure to make the process enjoyable and successful for everyone. Please let me know when you are ready to schedule your branding photography session. Thanks!