My "WHY?" for being a photographer

People always ask "why did you become a photographer?" and "why are you passionate about photography?" On June 1st, I had the honor of photographing Isidore Newman's Commencement Ceremony, and I was reminded of my "why." I am not the type that gets emotional, but I found myself full of bittersweet excitement for this class as I photographed them each getting their diplomas and celebrating afterwards. I realized that I have been photographing many of these graduates since they were little kids. I've photographed their families for holiday portraits and at many special events throughout the year. Plus, when they turned thirteen, I had the honor to photograph some bar / bat mitzvah events where I got to document the entire class celebrating. Last fall, I took several of their senior portraits, so when they graduated I knew my "why" is that I love to tell the story of life from when you are little with your family to celebrations and events / milestones throughout your lifetime. I wish them all a successful transition from high school to their next stage, and I hope that I will get to photograph them in the future for their debutante portraits/events, corporate head shots, weddings and other milestones. Congratulations to the class of 2022!